Adobe Flash

Align objects using the grid and arrow keys

You can use the grid to assist you in placing objects on the Stage.

  1. Select View > Grid > Show Grid.

    The grid does not appear when you test or publish your document.


    If you wanted to snap objects to the horizontal and vertical grid lines, you would also select Snap to Grid (View > Snapping > Snap to Grid). For this lesson, you won't snap objects to the grid.

  2. On the Stage, select the title text you previously grouped together.

  3. Use the Up Arrow key on your keyboard to nudge the text until the first line in the title text is on a horizontal grid line. Be sure to leave space between the title text and the navigation bar.


    You can also use the Left Arrow, Down Arrow, and Right Arrow keys to nudge objects on the Stage in the direction of the arrow.


Congratulations on using layout tools to create a user interface. In a few minutes, you learned how to accomplish the following tasks:

  • View the workspace rulers

  • Use guides to align objects

  • Change the Stage size

  • Resize objects to match the Stage size

  • Align an object using the alignment guides

  • Snap objects to each other

  • Align objects using the Property inspector

  • Use the grid and arrow keys to align objects

For more information about design topics in Flash, take another lesson from the Basic Tasks series.