MS Word

MS Word Tutorials

A full-featured word processing software for Windows and Mac from Microsoft. Microsoft Word 2019 is a new, modern version of the classic desktop application, built for maximum productivity.

Convert Text to Table in Word 2019

Learn how to convert tabbed text to a table.

Create and Modify a Multilevel List

Create a custom three-level list linked to Heading 1, Heading 2, and Heading 3.

Add Caption with Chapter Numbers

In this tutorial, caption contains the word Figure, followed by the chapter number, a dot, and a figure number. For example Figure 1.1 or Figure 1.1.1

Installation, Repair, and Configuration

Installation should be a snap, whether you're installing Word on its own or as part of Office. You slide in the CD, make a few simple decisions.

Creating and Saving Documents

Saving could be simple tooif Word didn't provide a whole tab's worth of save options to confuse the issue. Some of these options are pretty much guaranteed to cause problem, while others can help you work faster and recover as much of your work as possible if Word crashes.

Text Entry and Editing

This tutorial explores how to eliminate the problems you may encounter when entering and editing text.

Formatting and Layout

Here you'll learn how to sort out, how to use Word's styles and placing graphics where you want them.

Forms, Revising, Proofing, and Finalizing

We'll start with a quick look at Word forms, then take a look at two features most: Track Changes and the spelling and grammar checkers.

Printing, Faxing, and Scanning

This tutorial shows you how to deal with printing, faxing and scanning problem in Microsoft Word.

Tables, Columns, and Text Boxes

We'll learn Word's fancy drawing features for tables; how to position tables & textboxes and their contents exactly where you want them and prevent Word from adjusting column widths without your consent; how to use header rows, borders, and formulae; and many other table-related issues.

Automate Work with Macros

n this tutorial, I'll show you how to eliminate 15 or so common automations by using macros. Some of these automation work are specific ones that you may share.

OLE, Mail Merge, and Office Applications

How to choose between linking and embedding, and how to deal with broken links after one of your colleagues has made the wrong choice, how to deal with the grievances typically aired about mail merging.

Mac & Word

This is a tutorial, so it concentrates on the Word problems that are most likely to crop up for Mac users. The tutorial starts with severe problems that might make you want to encourage your Mac to fly.