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Visual Basic Tutorials

Visual Basic was derived from BASIC and enables the rapid application development of graphical user interface applications, access to databases using Data Access Objects, Remote Data Objects, or ActiveX Data Objects, and creation of ActiveX controls and objects.

A Methodical Approach to Error Handling

What is an error? The short answer is, "Something that's expensive to fix." Dealing with errors is costly in terms of both money and time.

Business objects

This tutorial presents a design pattern for developing solid, scalable, robust business objects, designed for (and from) real-life distributed enterprise applications.

Developing Web Applications

We'll examine the IIS Application in this tutorial, going through the process of developing a simple application for Internet Information Server (just in case you hadn't worked out the acronym).

Programming With Variants

Microsoft Visual Basic 6 further enhances the Variant data type from the previous version so that it can now hold user-defined types (UDTs). In this tutorial we will take an in-depth look at Variants and discuss the benefits and pitfalls of programming with them.

Developing Applications in Windows CE

Windows CE is simply a 32-bit, non-PC operating system. You might have seen Windows CE devices, such as the handheld PC (HPC) or the palm-sized PC?these are just some of the many applications run by the Windows CE operating system.

Staying in Control War Against Bugs

Program bugs are highly ecological because program code is a renewable resource. If you fix a bug, another will grow in its place. And if you cut down that bug, yet another will emerge


This tutorials is going to cover a rather broad range of information about Visual Basic. Think of this tutorials as a Visual Basic programmer's smorgasbord. You'll learn about such topics as the advantages and disadvantages of compiling to p-code and native code.

How Does Y2K Affect Visual Basic?

Hands up?how many of you have heard of the "Millennium Bug" or "Year 2000 Problem" or whatever else it has been called over the last few years?

Software Testing

Software projects often run into trouble, more so when they are team developments. The industry average for software development projects is that typically about four in every five overrun their planned time scales and budgets, and less than half actually deliver everything that they are supposed to.

Building Base Code

In this tutorial, we'll look at some of the reasons for using base code and some of the techniques that can be applied to creating your own base code.

Mixed Languages with Visual Studio

In this tutorial, we discuss the concept of mixed language programming (MLP). We go into some of the pros and cons and considerations of doing MLP with Visual Studio.


In Visual Basic 6, there are many ways to retrieve and manipulate data, and quite a few places to stash it once you have it. There are also a wide variety of application architectures possible?ranging from the wildly successful to the frankly disastrous.

Programming on Purpose

This tutorial is about detailed design. To illustrate the kinds of things you need to think about when designing an application, we'll be looking at the design and construction of a window-management scheme, perhaps the most fundamental part of any Windows program.

Reusability of Coding

Reusability, as its name suggests, is the ability of something that is designed for a specific purpose to be used in more than just that one situation.

How to Juggle 30 Balls Blindfolded

This tutorial outlines some of the fundamental issues involved in developing large-scale distributed systems using Visual Basic 6. It is aimed at all Visual Basic 6 developers, but project managers who need to understand how the technical environment affects their planning and management should find it particularly useful.

Accessibility in Visual Basic

This tutorial focuses on an aspect of programming that is too often overlooked?creating applications that are accessible to people with disabilities.

How To Recruit And Retain Developers

In this tutorial, we will outline some of the techniques that we at The Mandelbrot Set (International) Limited (TMS) have used successfully over the years.

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