Adobe Flash

Create two objects from the Product class

You'll create a new FLA file, and then create two objects from the Product class.

Open a new Flash document and save it in the same location where you saved

In the new document, select Frame 1 in the Timeline.

In the Actions panel, create two objects from the Product class using the data shown in the following table (the ActionScript that you'll create appears after the table).

Instance name Data
pedals id 0
prodName Clipless Pedals
description Excellent cleat engagement
handleBars id 1
prodName ATB
description Available in comfort and aero design

Verify that you created the objects as follows:

var handleBars:Product = new Product (1, "ATB",

  "Available in comfort and aero design");

var pedals:Product=new Product(0,"Clipless

  Pedals","Excellent cleat engagement");

Trace the description property of pedals:

trace (pedals.getDescription ());

Save and test the document.

You should see the description of pedals in the Output panel.