Adobe Flash

Make your document accessible to screen readers

You'll now specify that your document is accessible to screen readers, and provide a name and description of your document that a screen reader can read aloud.

  1. With nothing selected on the Stage, select Window > Other Panels > Accessibility.

  2. In the Accessibility panel, verify that the following options are selected:

    • Make Movie Accessible is selected by default and allows Flash Player to pass accessibility information to a screen reader.

    • Make Child Objects Accessible allows Flash Player to pass accessibility information nested inside a movie clip to a screen reader. If this option is selected for the entire document, you can still hide child objects for individual movie clips.

    • Auto Label associates text next to another Stage object, such as an input text field, as a label or title for that element.

Provide a document title and description

In the Accessibility panel for the document, you can enter a name and description for your document for screen readers.

  • In the Name text box, enter Trio ZX2004. In the Description text box, enter Corporate website about the Trio ZX2004. Includes 6 navigation buttons, overview text, and an animated car.

Provide a title and description for instances

Now that you've provided information about the entire document, you can provide information about Stage objects included in the document.

  1. Select the Trio Motor Company logo along the top of the Stage. In the Accessibility panel, enter Trio Motor Company in the Name text box. Do not enter anything in the Description text box.
    Not every instance needs a description, which is read with the title information. If the title name sufficiently describes the function of the object, you don't need to include a description.

  2. With the Accessibility panel still open, select the Dealers button on the Stage.
    Information in the Accessibility panel changes to reflect Accessibility options for the selected object.
    In the Accessibility panel for the Dealers button, you do not need to provide a name in the Title text box, because the button includes a text label that the screen reader will read. If you did not want the screen reader to read the text in the button, you could deselect Auto Label when you set up accessibility for the document.

  3. In the Description text box, enter Links to a web page with information about dealers nationwide

The other buttons also include text, which the screen reader will read aloud; therefore, you do not need to provide a title. Since the title of the buttons is fairly self-explanatory, there's no need for you to include descriptions.