Adobe Flash

Organize layers in a folder

You can create layer folders to organize layers and reduce Timeline clutter. The Timeline contains two layers that contain navigation objects: one for navigational buttons and another for navigational art. You'll create a layer folder, named Navigation, for both layers.

In the Timeline, select the Buttons layer.

Click Insert Layer Folder, which is below the layer names.


If the Property inspector shows properties for the frame rather than for the movie clip, click the Background movie clip on the Stage.

Double-click the layer folder name and rename the folder Navigation.

Drag the Navbar layer and the Buttons layer to the Navigation folder.

The layers appear indented to indicate that they're within the folder.

You can click the expander arrow to expand and collapse the folder and included layers.

Add a mask layer

Using a mask layer provides a simple way to selectively reveal portions of the layer or layers below it. Masking requires making one layer a mask layer and the layers below it masked layers.

You'll use the rectangular shape on the Stage to mask part of the road graphic and animation so that the animation fits better on the Stage.

On the Stage, with the Selection tool selected, click the rectangular shape below the road.

Drag the shape straight up and align the left edge of the shape with the left edge of the road.

Right-click (Windows) or Control-click (Macintosh) the Mask layer in the Timeline and select Mask from the context menu.

The layer converts to a mask layer, indicated by a blue diamond-shaped icon. The layer immediately below the layer is linked to the mask layer. The masked layer's name is indented, and its icon changes to a blue layer icon.

In the Timeline, drag the Road layer to the Mask layer, placing it below the Car layer.

The mask layer and the layers it masks are automatically locked.

To view the mask effect, select Control > Test Movie.

When you finish viewing the mask effect, close the SWF file window to return to your document.