Fireworks Getting Started

Fireworks is valuable software for developing Web site content. Whether you are a professional Web developer or a Web graphic designer, you'll find the features of Macromedia Fireworks user-friendly and very handy.

Here you'll learn about these aspects of Fireworks:

  • Understanding and starting Fireworks
  • Navigating the Fireworks work area
  • Finding help resources

Change the image color

An effective technique to make the change color of an image or a particular area of the image.

Let's start with a New canvas, any size. Show the image below used in this tutorial, where the color of the cloth are going to be changed.

Change the image color

Using the Scale tool large the image so that the area which you have selected to change color is clearly visible.

Using the Scale tool to large the image

Using the Magic wand tool(w) from the tool bar Tolerance: 32, Edge: Anti-alias and mark the selected area show the image below.

Using Magic wand tool

Select Filters > Adjust color > Hue/saturation.

Change the color by using filter

The window will be displayed.Adjust the sliders for Hue, Saturation and Lightness show the image below.

Change the color

Final Result

The final result this, where the cloth changed

Changed color