MS Access

Macro Action Reference

Macro Actions and Their Descriptions
Action Description
AddMenu Adds a menu to a custom menu bar for a form or report. Each menu on the menu bar requires a separate AddMenu action.
ApplyFilter Applies a filter or query to a table, form, or report.
Beep Causes the computer to beep.
CancelEvent Cancels the event that caused the macro to run.
Close Closes the specified window or the active window if none is specified.
CopyObject Copies the specified database object to a different Microsoft Access database or to the same database with a new name.
DeleteObject Deletes the specified object or the object selected in the Database window if no object is specified.
Echo Hides or shows the results of a macro while it runs.
FindNext Finds the next record that meets the criteria specified with the most recent FindRecord action or Find dialog box. Use to move successively through records that meet the same criteria.
FindRecord Finds the first or next record that meets the specified criteria. Records can be found in the active form or datasheet.
GoToControl Selects the specified field on the active datasheet or form.
GoToPage Selects the first control on the specified page of the active form.
GoToRecord Makes the specified record the current record in a table, form, or query. Use to move to the first, last, next, or previous record.
Hourglass Changes the mouse pointer to an hourglass while the macro runs.
Maximize Maximizes the active window.
Minimize Minimizes the active window.
MoveSize Moves and/or changes the size of the active window.
MsgBox Displays a message box containing a warning or informational message.
OpenForm Opens a form in Form view, Design view, Print Preview, or Datasheet view.
OpenModule Opens the specified Visual Basic module in Design view.
OpenQuery Opens a query in Datasheet view, Design view, or Print Preview.
OpenReport Opens a report in Design view or Print Preview or prints the report immediately.
OpenTable Opens a table in Datasheet view, Design view, or Print Preview.
OutputTo Exports the specified database object to a Microsoft Excel file (.xls), rich-text file (.rtf), text file (.txt), or HTML file (.htm).
PrintOut Prints the active database object. You can print datasheets, reports, forms, and modules.
Quit Quits Microsoft Access.
Rename Renames the specified object.
RepaintObject Completes any pending screen updates or pending recalculations of controls on the specified object or on the active object if none is specified.
Requery Forces a requery of a specific control on the active database object.
Restore Restores a maximized or minimized window to its previous size.
RunApp Starts another program, such as Microsoft Excel or Word.
RunCode Runs a Visual Basic Function procedure.
RunCommand Runs a command from Microsoft Access's menusfor example, File » Save.
RunMacro Runs a macro.
RunSQL Runs the specified SQL statement for an action query.
Save Saves the specified object or the active object if none is specified.
SelectObject Selects a specified database object. You can then run an action that applies to that object.
SendKeys Sends keystrokes to Microsoft Access or another active application. These keystrokes are processed as if you had typed them yourself on the keyboard.
SendObject Sends the specified database objects as an attachment in an e-mail.
SetMenuItem Sets the state of menu items (enabled or disabled, checked or unchecked) on custom menus. Works only on custom menus created using menu bar macros.
SetValue Sets the value for a control, field, or property on a form or report.
SetWarnings Turns all system messages on or off. This has the same effect as clicking OK or Yes in each message box.
ShowAllRecords Removes any applied filter from the active table, query, or form.
ShowToolbar Shows or hides a built-in toolbar or a custom toolbar.
StopAllMacros Stops all currently running macros.
StopMacro Stops the currently running macro. Use to stop a macro when a certain condition is met.
TransferDatabase Imports or exports data to or from the current database from or to another database.
TransferSpreadsheet Imports data from a spreadsheet file into the current database or exports data from the current database into a spreadsheet file.
TransferText Imports data from a text file into the current database or exports data from the current database into a text file.