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Collaboration Tools

It's good to be the king. When you're the only one working on your Web site, you decide what goes in and what stays out. You know who to blame if you don't like how things look. Trouble is, many people don't build Web sites by themselves. They farm out the graphics work to a friend; they get a co-worker to write the "About this Site" description; and they end up composing other bits and pieces themselves.

When you bring additional authors into the mix, the whole process of creating a Web site gets more complicated. Other people can help out, but they can also cause trouble. Who knows what they'll do? They might try to open the file you're working on, for instance. Or neglect to tell you that the pages they "finished" four days ago haven't yet been approved by the Big Boss. Sheesh!

Don't fire your co-workers or banish your siblings just yet. FrontPage includes some features that help multiple Web authors work together smoothly. In this tutorial, you'll learn how to assign pages to authors, classify files according to their status and topic, and protect files you're working on with FrontPage's document control feature. Also, you'll find out how task tracking can help you keep on top of jobs that you and your colleagues need to tackle.