MS FrontPage

Creating and Structuring Your Web Site

It's time to take a step back from working on individual Web pages and look at the big picture. All the files that you've learned how to create HTML pages, graphics, and style sheets are designed to work together.

So FrontPage automatically groups these files within a folder, classifies it as a Web site, and even helps you tame this many-headed file beast wherever it can through a lot of features that you've already read about (like site views and the folder list) and ones you'll learn about in this tutorial (like site templates).

But FrontPage can't do everything. As you work on your site, the program constantly prods you for information and answers to questions, ranging from where to save your entire Web site, all the way down to the name of your tiniest GIF image.

This tutorial will help you tackle important decisions that rear up when you start building a Web site: what FrontPage tools should you use to create your site? Where should you save your site? What should you name it? Once you get going, you'll also need to know how to store and organize all the files that you're creating.