MS FrontPage

Integrating FrontPage with Office Programs

By now, you're a FrontPage whiz. But you probably can't say the same for everyone else who's pitching in on your Web site, whether they're your office mates or your nearest-and-dearest. If you're collaborating with a group of people, chances are they'll be sidling up to you with Microsoft Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and meek pleas that go something like: Hey, uh, would you mind putting this up on the Web site?

You'd think that since all these programs FrontPage, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are made by the same company, the answer would be: "Sure, no problem." But while Microsoft's Office applications do work well together, they're often not as seamless as you'd expect.

When you're transferring material into FrontPage from another Office program, there are some basic dos and don'ts, all of which you'll read about in this tutorial. You'll learn about incorporating actual Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files into your site. You'll also see how to convert them into a more Web-friendly format and find out about a few other options for getting information out of Office and up on your Web site.