MS Word

Mix Different Numbers of Columns in a Document

The Problem:

I need to create a newspaper-style layout with a masthead across the top of the page, blurbs on the five top stories below that, and then a three-column layout for the rest of the page. But when I change the number of columns, everything I've laid out so far goes screwy.

The Solution:

This shouldn't happen unless you're selecting all of the text before you change the number of columns.

To fix this problem:

  1. Select the first part of the text to which you want to apply a different number of columns, choose Format » Columns, specify the number of columns, make sure that "Selected text" rather than "Whole document" is selected in the "Apply to" drop-down list, and click the OK button.

  2. Select the next part of the text that needs a different number of columns, choose Format » Columns, and specify the number of columns for that text. Word automatically inserts a continuous section break between each section that has a different number of columns.

Press Alt+ to move to the top of the previous column on the page, and Alt+ to move to the top of the next column.

Prevent Columns from Vanishing When You Save as a Web Page

The Problem:

I got my columns just perfect in the documentbut when I saved it as a web page for my site, Word lumped them together into a single column. Am I doing something wrong?

The Solution:

It depends on how you define "wrong." But no, not really. Microsoft designed Word to do this, even if you don't like it. What you need to do is use a table to create your columns rather than using newspaper-style columns. Word will maintain the table's columns when you save the document as a web page.