MS Word

Word Asks Whether to Save Changes to

The Problem:

When I close Word, it asks me whether I want to save changes to What is, and why is it doing this to me? I haven't done anything to it.

The Solution:

You probably have done something to, but only inadvertently., also called "the Normal template," is the default template on which Word bases documents unless you tell it to use another template. In addition to typical template items such as styles, page margins, and default font and paragraph settings, contains your formatted AutoCorrect entries and your AutoText entries. It's also a convenient place to store VBA items such as macros and user forms.

If you've created a formatted AutoCorrect entry or an AutoText entry, or if you've changed your default font, page layout, or paragraph settings, you've changed Similarly, if you've created or installed a VBA item, you may have changed If Word prompts you to save it (see Figure 1-7), click the Yes button.

Figure 1-7. You can prevent Word from prompting you to save

If you're not aware of having made any such changes, it's possible that your computer has a macro virus that has made a change against your will. If so, you won't want to save changes to Check your computer for viruses immediately.

If you want Word to save any changes to automatically without prompting you, choose Tools » Options, click the Save tab, and uncheck the "Prompt to save Normal template" box.