PC Hardware

Technical Terms Beginning With G


A link between different computer networks. It is usually a computer that acts as a translator between two completely dissimilar systems. Because it is both a translator and a router, it is usually slower than a bridge or router alone.

GIF (Graphics Interchange Format)

A file type for storing and exchanging pictures.


A system of information retrieval that "digs" down through layers of menus to reach what you want. A Gopher system is generally text-based and is best for finding documents buried in archives such as university libraries. Some Web sites offer access to Gopher, but Gopher has been largely replaced by information archives on Web sites.

GPF (General Protection Fault)

An error that occurs in Microsoft Windows when a program tries to access a memory location that is not allocated to it.

greater than (>)

This symbol is used to indicate that a command can be redirected to an output device. For example, to redirect the directory command to a printer, type dir > lpt1

GUI (graphical user interface)

Microsoft Windows is a GUI-based operating system. A GUI allows users to choose commands and functions by pointing to a graphical icon using either a keyboard or pointing device such as a mouse.