PC Hardware

Technical Terms Beginning With L

JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group)

A graphics file format named after the group. JPEGs are compressed file formats used for photographic images on the Web. The image quality of a JPEG can vary with the degree of compression used. It is possible to reduce a picture file to one-twentieth of its original size. Compare with GIFs. The counterpart for movies is called MPEG (Motion Picture Experts Group).



A primary input device for a computer, used for entering text and shortcuts for command functions.

kilobyte (KB)

A unit of memory equal to 1,024 characters or bytes (1 KB = one kilobyte).


LAN (local area network)

A network that covers a limited distance (such as a single building or facility) to allow computers to share information and resources.


Means, also known as a hyperlink, by which reader is moved to a different location on the Internet when the link is activated. When text is used for a hyperlink, it is often colored differently from the body text of the page so it stands out.

local bus

A separate bus in the computer designed to provide extra-fast access to the CPU for certain devices, such as video cards.

logging on

Means by which-when connecting to a remote computer-the host computer (the one that is called) gives permission to connect. The process of sending the appropriate information to sign on is called logging on. Often a user name and password are required.


The names assigned to the parallel printer ports on a PC.