PC Hardware

Safe Mode with Network Support

With this option, safe mode is loaded along with any real-mode drivers for network support.

Step-by-Step Confirmation

Step-by-step confirmation allows Windows 95 to load normally, but each command in the IO.SYS, CONFIG.SYS, and AUTOEXEC.BAT is addressed one step at a time and the operator has the option to bypass or use each item.

The following table presents a four-combination matrix that can be used to troubleshoot startup problems using the step-by-step method. Each of the columns represents combinations you should try.

Step-by-Step Prompt A B C D
Load DoubleSpace driver? Yes Yes Yes Yes
Process the system registry? Yes Yes Yes No
Create a startup log file (BOOTLOG.TXT)? Yes Yes Yes Yes
Process your startup device drivers (CONFIG.SYS)? No No Yes Yes
Process your startup command file (AUTOEXEC.BAT)? No No Yes Yes
Load the Windows graphical user interface? Yes Yes Yes Yes
Load all Windows drivers? No Yes No Yes

If Windows starts properly when using response A, you know you have a problem with a device driver or TSR. Successful startup with option B indicates a problem with a real-mode device driver or TSR in CONFIG.SYS or AUTOEXEC.BAT. Successful boot with option C means you have a problem with a protected-mode device. And if option D is successful, you have a problem with the Registry.

Command Prompt Only

This choice boots to MS-DOS without loading the Windows 95 GUI and protected-mode drivers. It will, however, load CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT.

The CD-ROM drive might not work in this mode.

Safe Mode Command Prompt Only

This operates in the same way as command prompt only, but does not process the CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT.

Previous Version of MS-DOS

This option is used for dual-boot systems.

To save time, you can use shortcut keys to access Startup menu options.

BootKey Startup Menu Equivalent
F4 Previous version of MS-DOS
F5 Safe mode
SHIFT+F5 Safe mode-command prompt only
CTRL+F5 Safe mode without compression
F6 Safe mode with network support
SHIFT+F8 Step-by-step confirmation