Visual Basic

Type Prefixes

In this section, you'll find tables that include prefixes for various data types and control types.

Table A-1 Variables Prefixes

Prefix Data Type
byt Byte
b Boolean
cur Currency
d Double
dte Date
f Single
hf File handle (Long)
hwnd Window handle (Long)
h(... lowercase) Handle to something (Long)
l Long
n Integer
o Object
s String
v Variant

Table A-2 Modifiers and Special Types Prefixes

Prefix Data Type
a Array <of another type>
C Class or class instance
t User-defined type or instance
e Enumerated type or instance
p Pointer (used with API calls)
pcb Pointer to a callback function (used with AddressOf)

Table A-3 Data Objects: DAO Prefixes

Prefix Visual Basic Data Type
bk SelBookmarks
ct Container
db Database
dc Document
ds Dynaset
er Errors
fd Field
gp Group
ix Index
pa Parameter
pr Property
qd QueryDef
rs Recordset
rl Relation
ss Snapshot
tb Table
td TableDef
us User
wk Workspace

Table A-4 Data Objects: RDO Prefixes

Prefix Visual Basic Data Type
rdoEng rdoEngine
rdoEnv rdoEnvironment
rdoConn rdoConnection
rdoTbl rdoTable
rdoCol rdoColumn
rdoPrepS rdoPreparedStatement
rdoParam rdoParameter
rdoRS rdoResultset
rdoErr rdoError

Table A-5 Controls Prefixes

Prefix Control Type Description
ani Animation button
bed Pen BEdit
cbo Combobox/Dropdown Listbox
chk Checkbox
clp Picture Clip
cmd Command Button
com Communications
dat Data Control
dir Directory Listbox
dlg Common dialog
drv Drive Listbox
fil File Listbox
fra Frame
frm Form
gau Gauge
gpb Group Pushbutton
gra Graph
grd Grid
hed Pen HEdit
hsb Horizontal scroll bar
img Image
ink Pen Ink
key Keyboard key status
lab Label
lin Line
lst Listbox
mci MCI
mnu Menu
mpm MAPI Message
mps MAPI Session
ole OLE Client
opt Option Button
Prefix Control Type Description
out Outline Control
pic Picture
pnl 3D Panel
rdc Remote Data Control
shp Shape
spn Spin Control
tab SS Tab Control
tmr Timer
txt Textbox
vsb Vertical scroll bar
iml ImageList
lvw ListView
pbr ProgressBar
rtf RichTextBox
sld Slider
sbr StatusBar
tab Tabstrip
tbr Toolbar
tvw TreeView

Table A-6 Data-Bound Controls Prefixes

Prefix Control Type Description
dbcbo Databound Combobox/Dropdown Listbox
dblst Databound Listbox
dbgrd Databound Grid