Visual Basic

Renovation Process

Visual DateScope 2000 provides a structured and consistent approach to problem solving.

Having identified all date-type occurrences within a system, the process now turns to the renovation of those date occurrences. Using Visual DateScope 2000, you can modify the code directly from within the scanning application.

Renovations can take place without ever having to load Visual Basic, which provides a self-contained conversion environment. There is no context switching.

Year 2000 Library

Once the identification of dates is complete and a method is in place to modify those dates, the question arises as to what to do with the date occurrences. The Date Function Library Component in the Visual DateScope 2000 toolset consists of a library of Year 2000-related date functions designed to erase the threat of the Year 2000 problem in your Visual Basic code. The library has the following features:
  • Fully-tested functions appropriate for countless Year 2000 scenarios.
  • Consistent approach to fixing date code.
  • Completely generic, supporting international dates.
  • Handles incorrect input values that are not dates. The reason for this is simple: many companies will hire contract or part-time staff to help in their Year 2000 conversion projects. It is possible that these programmers have little experience in either your business domain or in the Visual Basic language itself. The Year 2000 library therefore tolerates incorrectly applied "fixes."


Although VDS2000 does not test changes, it will certainly increase testing productivity and accuracy. For example, when changing a line of code from within the Scanning Application Component, VDS2000 will automatically add a line of debug code into your source code immediately before your change, if required. Comparative analysis ensures the complete execution of all changed lines of code. An additional debug testing file can be created that shows the "Before" and "After" values of converted dates.

All the debug calls inserted into your code can then be easily removed from within VDS2000 (for production environments).