Allow Self-Service Applications

In many corporations, a great deal of personnel resources are used to respond to routine requests such as order status, simple help questions, employee information, and so on. An essential part of the DNS is providing Internet and intranet sites that allow users to perform these services without the help of corporate personnel. Well-designed sites allow the user to access information quickly and easily, and allow workers to focus on dealing with only the more critical issues. XML can be used to package and deliver the information to and from the user.

Capture Customer Feedback

A corporation's marketing department requires detailed information about the corporation's customers. Normally, surveys, sales analyses, and third-party marketing results are used to gather information about current and future customers. Today's technology allows an in-depth analysis of customer usage of Web sites that can provide detailed information about buying practices, customer needs, the success of sales promotions, and so on. In addition, users can provide direct feedback by being allowed to customize the way they navigate the Web site or through survey forms. The information obtained from these forms can be formatted using XML into a standard BizTalk format for analysis by the corporation's marketing department.

Creating Web sites is an iterative process. Every new iteration is based on careful analysis of previous iterations. In this way, Web sites and the corporation's definition of the needs of its customers are constantly refined and updated as the customers' needs change and technology evolves.

Provide Business Partner Communication

Extranets provide a powerful means of sharing information among business partners. Critical information that must be shared between corporate partners can pass easily through a DNS that spans corporate boundaries. XML and BizTalk provide a workable solution that can allow this transfer of messages.

The creation of advanced real-time business transactions that can be transmitted across extranets using XML will allow for just-in-time (JIT) delivery of goods between suppliers and consumers.

Respond to Crises

The quick flow of critical business information to the knowledge workers capable of making crucial decisions will be essential for the success of any corporation. An event-driven DNS provides the conduit through which business events are published to the DNS; those interested in certain types of events subscribe to them and are automatically notified. Once again, XML can be used to package the messages that are published.