Installing Apache and ApacheSSL

Both Apache and ApacheSSL need to be installed together, and the ApacheSSL version must match the Apache version. ApacheSSL may not always be available for the latest version of Apache, so it is worth checking out the latest ApacheSSL version first. The current version of ApacheSSL is applied to Apache 1.3.19.

  1. Get the latest version of ApacheSSL by selecting a download site from Download the tar-ed and gzip-ed distribution file. For example, apache_1.3.19+ssl_1.44.tar.gz.

  2. Get the matching version of the Apache web server source code that also ends with .tar.gz from For example, if the ApacheSSL version downloaded in Step 1 was apache_1.3.19+ssl_1.44.tar.gz, retrieve apache_1.3.19.tar.gz.

  3. Put the Apache distribution file in the base directory where the installation is to be performed. For these instructions, use /usr/local/ as in the Apache installation instructions earlier in this appendix.

  4. Unpack the Apache package first by running gzip -d <filename> and tar xvf <filename>. With Apache Version 1.3.19:

    % cd /usr/local
    % gzip -d apache_1.3.19.tar.gz
    % tar xvf apache_1.3.19.tar

    This creates an apache_1.3.19 source directory. Record the directory name that was created to use in the next steps. It's assumed from here on that the version is 1.3.19, and the directory is apache_1.3.19.

  5. Copy the ApacheSSL distribution into the directory created in Step 4 that already contains the Apache source:

    % cp apache_1.3.19+ssl_1.44.tar.gz /usr/local/apache_1.3.19
  6. Unpack the ApacheSSL distribution:

    % cd /usr/local/apache_1.3.19
    % gzip -d apache_1.3.19+ssl_1.44.tar.gz
    % tar xvf apache_1.3.19+ssl_1.44.tar
  7. Apply the patches using the FixPatch script that comes with ApacheSSL. This script copies the appropriate files from the OpenSSL installation:

    % ./FixPatch /usr/local/ssl
  8. Type yes when prompted:

    Do you want me to apply the fixed-up Apache-SSL patch for you? [n] yes
  9. You've now applied the patches to Apache and can continue with the normal installation by following Steps 6 to 10 in the Apache installation instructions earlier in this appendix.