Adobe Flash

Align buttons

You can align buttons along horizontal and vertical axes using the Align panel.

In the Timeline, click the Content layer.

Click Insert Layer below the Timeline.

Double-click the layer name, type Animated Buttons as the new name for the layer, and press Enter (Windows) or Return (Macintosh).

In the Library panel (Window > Library) select Button 1 and drag it to the lower-right edge of the Stage. Precise placement isn't necessary.

In the Instance Name text box in the Property inspector, give the button the instance name links_btn.

Drag Button 2 and Button 3 from the Library panel, placing them to the left of Button 1. Use the approximate spacing shown in the following illustration:

Using the Selection tool, drag to select all three buttons.

Open the Align panel by selecting Window > Align. Verify that To Stage is not selected, because you do not want to align the buttons relative to the Stage.

In the Align panel, click Align Vertical Center, and then click Distribute Horizontal Center.

The buttons align on the Stage.

Close the Align panel.

On the Stage, click in an empty space in the workspace to make sure you don't have any objects selected, and select Button 2. In the Instance Name text box in the Property inspector, enter contact_btn. Select Button 3 and name it sweepstakes_btn.