Adobe Flash

Create animation for a button state

You'll create a movie clip within the Over state of Button 1, and create a shape tween in the movie clip. The shape tween creates an effect that changes the color from gray to red.

On the Stage, double-click Button 1 to open it in symbol-editing mode.

In the Button 1 Timeline, hide all layers except the Color layer. In the Color layer, select the Over keyframe.


You hide layers by clicking the dot under the Eye column next to the layer name so that a red X appears.

On the Stage, select the black oval shape for Button 1. Press F8 to make the oval a symbol.

In the Convert to Symbol dialog box, name the symbol Button Animation. Select Movie Clip (not Button) as the behavior and click OK.

On the Stage, double-click the Button Animation symbol to switch to symbol-editing mode.

Rename Layer 1 to Color Change. Select Frame 15 and press F6 to add a keyframe.

With the playhead still on Frame 15, select the button shape on the Stage, and in the Property inspector select a bright shade of red from the Fill Color pop-up menu.

In the Timeline, click any frame between Frames 1 and 15. In the Property inspector, select Shape from the Tween pop-up menu.

Drag the playhead from Frames 1 to 15 to see the color change.