Adobe Flash

Check spelling

Flash Basic 8 and Flash Professional 8 introduce new features that let you check spelling in most places where text occurs in your document, including text fields, layer names, and ActionScript strings. To check spelling, you first configure the Spelling Setup options, and then run the spell checker.

  1. Select Text > Spelling Setup.

  2. Verify that Check Text Fields Content is selected, and that you've selected the appropriate dictionary. Select any other options, as desired. Then click OK.

  3. Select Text > Check Spelling and respond to the dialog boxes that the spell checker presents. When you finish checking spelling, save your document.


To check spelling in text in external files, use the spell-check feature associated with the application that you used to create the external file.


Congratulations on learning the basic ways in which to add text to your document. In a few minutes, you learned how to accomplish the following tasks:

  • Create an expanding-width text block.

  • Create a fixed-width text block.

  • Edit text and change font attributes.

  • Select device fonts.

  • Add an input text field.

  • Copy a text field.

  • Assign instance names to text fields.

  • Create a dynamic text field.

  • View ActionScript that links the text field to an external text file.

  • Set up and check spelling.

To learn more about the great variety of options you have when adding text to your document, see "Working with Text," in Flash Help.