Adobe Flash

Use Script Assist Mode in Flash

Script Assist mode prompts you to enter the elements of a script, and helps you to add simple interactivity to your SWF file (a compressed version of a Flash .fla file with the .swf extension) or application more easily. Script Assist mode is ideal for users who either aren't comfortable writing their own scripts, or who just appreciate the ease of use the tool provides.

This tutorial guides you through using Script Assist mode in Macromedia Flash Basic 8 and Macromedia Flash Professional 8.

Used in conjunction with the Actions panel, Script Assist mode prompts you to select options and enter parameters. For example, instead of writing your own script, you can select a language element from the Actions toolbox (or the Add (+) command on the toolbar), drag it onto the Script pane, and then use Script Assist mode to help you complete the script.

This tutorial guides you through the steps of using Script Assist mode to add interactivity to a Flash application. You will add ActionScript code to an object (a button) and to frames in the Timeline. This tutorial also demonstrates some best practices for adding scripts to your Flash document.

After examining the completed Flash application, you'll begin by opening a starter Flash document and end by testing the interactivity you've added to an application by using Script Assist mode. The tutorial should take approximately 20 minutes to complete.