Adobe Flash

Create a motion tween

You create a motion tween by defining properties for an instance, a grouped object, or text in a starting keyframe, and then changing the object's properties in a subsequent keyframe. Flash creates the animation from one keyframe to the next in the frames between the keyframes.

To create a motion tween, you'll take an instance of a tire symbol and make it appear to bounce.

  1. In the Timeline (Window > Timeline), double-click the Layer 1 title and type TireAnim. Press Enter (Windows) or Return (Macintosh) to rename the layer.

  2. With the TireAnim layer still selected, drag the Tire movie clip from the Library window (Window > Library) to the Stage, positioning it above the tire shadow.

  3. Use the Selection tool to reposition the tire, if necessary.

  4. With the Selection tool still selected, in the TireAnim layer, select Frame 30. Then press F6 to insert a keyframe.

  5. Select Frame 15 and press F6 to add another keyframe.

  6. With the playhead still on Frame 15, press Shift to move the tire in a straight line, and drag the tire up.

  7. In the TireAnim layer, select any frame between Frames 2 and 14. In the Property inspector, select Motion from the Tween pop-up menu.

    An arrow appears in the Timeline between the two keyframes.

  8. Select any frame between Frames 16 and 29. Again, use the Tween pop-up menu in the Property inspector to select Motion.

  9. Select File > Save to save your changes.