Adobe Flash

Create a shape tween

With shape tweening, you specify attributes for a shape in one keyframe, and then modify the shape or draw another shape in a subsequent keyframe. As with motion tweening, Flash creates the animation in the frames between the keyframes.

You'll now set up a tween for the tire's shadow so that as the tire bounces, the shadow moves and fades.

Click the ShadowAnim layer to select it.

Select Frame 30 and press F6 to insert a keyframe; then select Frame 15 and press F6 to insert a keyframe.

With the playhead on Frame 15, select the Selection tool. Drag the tire shadow slightly up and to the right.

With Frame 15 still selected, select the Eyedropper tool in the Tools panel, and then click the shadow object.

If the Color Mixer is not already open, select Window > Color Mixer to open it, and change the Alpha value from 25% to 10%.

Click the pop-up menu control in the upper-right side of the Color Mixer and select Close Panel.

Select any frame between Frames 2 and 14 on the ShadowAnim layer. In the Property inspector, select Shape from the Tween pop-up menu.

On the ShadowAnim layer, select any frame between Frames 16 and 29. Again, use the Tween pop-up menu in the Property inspector to select Shape.