Adobe Flash

Duplicate and modify an instance of a symbol

After you've created a symbol, you can use instances of it repeatedly in your document. You can modify the following instance properties for an individual instance without affecting other instances or the original symbol: color, scale, rotation, alpha transparency, brightness, tint, height, width, and location.

If you edit the symbol later, the instance retains its modified properties in addition to acquiring the symbol edits.

You'll now duplicate the instance of the car, and change the tint for the duplicate.

On the Stage, select the car. Press Alt and drag the car up to create another instance.

With the duplicate selected, select Tint from the Color pop-up menu in the Property inspector.

In the RGB area, enter 0 in the Red Color pop-up menu, 0 in the Green Color pop-up menu, and 255 in the Blue Color pop-up menu. Then press Enter (Windows) or Return (Macintosh).

The duplicate instance turns blue, but the original instance remains unchanged.