Adobe Flash

Modify a symbol

You can enter symbol-editing mode by double-clicking any instance of a symbol. Changes that you make in symbol-editing mode affect all instances of the symbol.

Do one of the following to enter symbol-editing mode:

  • On the Stage, double-click one of the car instances.

  • In the Library panel, double-click the CarGraphic symbol.

Next to Scene 1 toward the top of the workspace, the name of the symbol appears, which indicates that you're in symbol-editing mode for the named symbol.

In the Tools panel, select the Free Transform tool and drag around the bottom car to select the entire car.

In symbol-editing mode, the car is a graphic, within a symbol, that you can manipulate as you would any other vector graphic.

Drag the middle-right sizing handle of the Free Transform tool slightly to the right to stretch the symbol.

Click Scene 1, above the Timeline, to exit symbol-editing mode.

Both instances of the symbol reflect the transformation.