Adobe Flash

Using roundtrip editing

By now, you might want to change something in your Flash banner. Say you want to change the frame rate, or add some more text. It's easy to return to Flash to edit the document from Dreamweaver.

In gnome.html, select the SWF file in Design view (where you see the layout of the page below the HTML code), and then open the Property inspector (Window > Properties).

The Property inspector displays controls for the SWF file.

Click Edit in the Property inspector (see the following figure).

Select the SWF file and click Edit in the Property inspector.

Flash opens the associated FLA file in the Flash authoring environment, or opens a window for you to locate the associated FLA file.

Make your edits in Flash.

Notice that "Editing From Dreamweaver" displays in the authoring environment, to indicate you're editing a file from the Dreamweaver environment.

Click Done next to Editing From Dreamweaver (see the following figure).

You can edit the FLA file directly from Dreamweaver. Click Done when you're finished.

Flash updates the FLA file, publishes the SWF file, closes Flash, and then returns you to the Dreamweaver document. Your document is updated in Dreamweaver.


To view the changes to your SWF file in Dreamweaver, either view your site in a browser or select the SWF file in Design view and click Play in the Property inspector.