Troubleshooting and Supporting the Network

Many duties and responsibilities fall under the umbrella of network administration. Of all these, one of the most practiced is that of troubleshooting. No matter how well a network is designed and how many preventative maintenance schedules are in place, troubleshooting will always be necessary. Because of this, network administrators have to develop those troubleshooting skills.

This tutorials focuses on all areas of troubleshooting, including troubleshooting best practices and some of the tools and utilities you'll use to assist in the troubleshooting process. To start, we'll look at the impact of modifying network services.

Predicting the Impact of Modifying, Adding, or Removing Network Services

All network services require a certain amount of network resources in order to function. The amount of resources required depends on the exact service being used. Before implementing or removing any service on a network, it is very important to understand the impact that these services can have on the entire network. To provide some idea of the demands various services place on the network, this section outlines some of the most common network services and the impact their addition, modification, or removal might have on the network and clients.