MS FrontPage

Editing Frameset Content

Okay, so you know how to create a frameset and change its appearance. What about the pages your frameset displays? You'll probably want to edit these initial pages you created earlier in this tutorial and you might also want to add a few new pages. This section shows you how.

Editing Pages

To edit any page that's already part of a frameset, just open up the frameset page and click the page you want to edit. You can also open individual framed pages on their own, as you would any other Web page, and edit them within the full document window.

Creating Additional Pages

Say you created a frameset that contains three frames. Eventually, you'll want to display more pages than just those initial three pages. For example, the frameset in Deciding Wheter to use Frames features a large window on the lower right. As a viewer clicks menu items in the frame on the left side of the screen, the large frame on the lower right displays different pages. So if you were building this site, you'd want to create new pages for each menu link on the left-side frame.

Fortunately, adding new pages to a site that uses frames is easy. Just create additional pages the same way you'd create any other page (Creating a Simple Web Site). The next section shows you how to create the links between existing pages and any new pages you've created.

Using Save As to Add Pages

If you really want to see how this page appears in the frameset as you create it, and you like to live on the edge, you can use a slightly riskier method: FrontPage's Save As feature. This approach lets you edit directly through the frameset while you're creating your page. All you'll do is replace the content of an existing page (the one currently open in the frameset) and save it as a new page.

To do this, select all the content within the desired frame (Press Ctrl+A or select Edit » Select All) and delete it. (Be careful not to click Save or Save Page at any point during this procedure.)

Enter content for the new page and, when you're done, select Frames » Save Page As. Enter a name for the new page and save the file in the appropriate folder.