MS Word

Create a Work Menu

There are a handful of documents that I need to be able to open easily. Sometimes they appear on the Most Recently Used list on the File menu, but I work with many other documents, so they're not always there.

Microsoft provides a Work menu (see Figure 1-9) that you can add to the menu bar so that you can keep up to nine documents readily available.

Figure 1-9. Add the Work menu to the menu bar (or to a convenient toolbar) for quick access to the documents you use most often.

To add the Work menu to the menu bar, choose Tools » Customize, click the Commands tab, and make sure that the "Save in" drop-down list shows the document or template you want to affect. (Usually, is the best choice.) Select the Built-in Menus item, and drag the Work menu to the menu bar or a toolbar you always keep open. Shift-click the File menu and choose Save All. If Word prompts you to save changes to, click the Yes button.

To add the current document to the Work menu, choose Work » Add to Work Menu. To remove a document, press Ctrl+Alt+-, click the Work menu, and then click the document you want to remove.

Sort Out the Standard Toolbar and Formatting Toolbar

The Standard toolbar and Formatting toolbar have decided to share a row and to each hide half their buttons.

Choose Tools » Customize, click the Options tab, check the "Show Standard and Formatting toolbars on two rows" box, and click the Close button. In Word 2000, this option is implemented the other way around: the checkbox is called "Standard and Formatting toolbars share one row," and you need to uncheck the box.