MS Word

Print Table Gridlines

Learn how to print the gridlines in my table.

The Problem:

I can't print the gridlines in my table.

The Solution:

The table gridlines are there only for reference. They never print unless you apply borders. If you don't need to see the gridlines on screen, choose Table » Hide Gridlines to remove them from the display and help eliminate any confusion.

If you want to print gridlines, add borders to the table. Right-click in the table, choose Borders and Shading from the shortcut menu, select the borders you want on the Borders tab (see Figure 7-6), and click the OK button. The key control here is the "Apply to" drop-down list, which lets you specify whether to apply the current border to the entire table, the current cell or selected cells, or the current paragraph.

Figure 7-6. Use the Borders and Shading dialog box to add a border to any gridlines that you want to print.