MS Word

Rearrange Table Columns

After struggling with this table for a couple of hours, I've realized that the second column should really be the first column. Please tell me I don't have to retype both columns!

The Solution:

It's okay, you needn't retype anything. You can move table columns either by dragging or by using Cut and Paste. Getting the hang of dragging columns can take a little practice, so if you have time, create a sample table in a new document and play around with moving the columns. The easiest way to select a column is to move the mouse pointer just above the topmost cell in the target column so that the pointer changes into a black arrow pointing downward, and then click; alternatively, you can click in the column and choose Table » Select » Column. Click anywhere in the selected column, and drag it to the column before which you want it to appear.

Convert Text to Tables

The Problem:

I get long membership listsdatabase dumpsthat I need to convert into Word tables. If they were separated with tabs, I could just use the Table » Convert » Text to Table command, but they're separated with regular old spacesas many of them as are needed to line up the columns.

The Solution:

You can fix this easily. Choose Edit » Replace and replace ^w(whitespace) with ^t(a tab). Select the list, choose Table » Convert » Text to Table, make sure the Tabs option is selected and that the "Number of columns" box shows the right number of columns, and click the OK button to perform the conversion.