MS Word

Use a Scanned Picture in a Word Document

The Problem:

I'm creating our company's latest brochureactually, probably the last before we get bought by one of our shark-nosed competitors. Anyway, we've got this dusty old photo on the wall of the Founder shaking hands with some dusty old politician, and I need to put that front and center in the brochure to show how old and worthy we are.

The Solution:

Microsoft Office Document Scanning can help you out here too. Get the photo off the wall and out of its frame, and wipe off as much of the dust as possible. Lay it flat and square on your scanner, choose Start » All Programs » Microsoft Office » Microsoft Office Tools » Microsoft Office Document Scanning, choose the Color option in the "Select a preset for scanning" list, and click the Scan button.

When the Microsoft Office Document Imaging window opens, click the Select button, drag to select the area of the picture you want, and choose Edit » Copy Image. Right-click in the thumbnails column on the lefthand side, and choose Paste Page to create a new page with just your selection. Right-click the thumbnail for the original page, and choose Delete Page to delete it. Then choose File » Save, save the picture, and exit Microsoft Office Document Imaging.

Switch back to Word, position the insertion point at the appropriate place, choose Insert » Picture » From File, and insert the picture in the document.