MS Word

Printing, Faxing, and Scanning

If you've been following along through the annoyances discussed so far in this tutorial, by this stage you should have documents ready to print or fax. You might think your annoyances will soon be at an end, and they might bebut chances are you'll find that Word has different ideas.

This tutorial shows you how to deal with the worst printing annoyances that Word throws at you, starting with serious annoyances (Word crashes whenever you print, or printing simply fails) and moving along to tips for printing ranges of pages, printing in reverse order or draft quality, and performing complex duplexing for recalcitrant photo copiers. You'll also learn how to deal with "Bizarre Swelling of the Right Margin Syndrome," how to respond when your printer slices off your footer, and how to create a print file.

Faxing is usually less annoying than printing, even though Word hides the Fax command and incoming faxes aren't ideal candidates for inclusion in your documents. To the rescue comes Microsoft Office Document Scanning, which can save you a heap of time (and save your fingernails) when you need to include either text or pictures from hardcopy sources in your documents.