MS Word

Convert text into Table

If you have text data that is set up in columns by using tabs, you can easily convert it into a table. For example, you received a document which contains tables that are created by using tabbed text, and you want to format it as a tables. You can easily convert text that’s separated into columns by tabs, comma or other unique characters by following few clicks in MS Word.

Figure: Table created by tabbed text:

To convert text to a table, select the text that you want to convert into table:

Figure: Selecting text

After selecting text, select Insert tab and click Table > Convert Text to Table, as shown in the figure:

Figure: Clicking Table > Convert Text to Table:

The Convert Text to Table dialog box will pop up, select the AutoFit to contents option if you want to fit columns automatically according to the text. Click OK to convert the text to a table:

Figure: Convert Text to Table dialog box:

The tabbed text is converted to table: