The Parse Tab

The Parse tab is used to determine how the fields are defined in a document that uses the specification created by the BizTalk Editor. The Parse tab is used for documents that are delimited in some way, such as a comma delimited text file. The actual properties that are available will depend on whether you are working with a field or record and on the standard (such as X12, EDIFACT, or XML) and Structure property on the Parse tab you are using. If you have chosen to use XML as your standard, no properties will be available in the Parse tab. Because the schema we imported earlier used an XML specification, we cannot see or set any values of the Parse tab properties using the BizTalk Editor. If you choose either the X12 or EDIFACT standard, you will be able to set up properties for the Parse tab with delimited documents.

Parse Tab Properties for Root Nodes and Records

Property Description
Structure Can be delimited or positional. If left blank, the file is considered to be delimited.
Source Tag Identifier Name of the source tag that is used to match the record with the data.
Source Tag Position Used in positional records; indicates the beginning of the tag.
Field Order Either Prefix (a delimiter is placed before each component, for example, *aa *bb *cc), Postfix (a delimiter is placed after each component, for example, aa* bb* cc*), Infix (a delimiter is placed between components, for example, aa*bb*cc), or Blank (unknown order). This property is used only for delimited records.
Delimiter Type Can be set to Character (the actual character to use as the delimiter is defined in the Delimiter Value property), Inherit Record (use the delimiter designation of the previous record), Inherit Field (use the delimiter designation of the previous field), or Inherit Subfield (use the delimiter designation of the previous subfield). This property is used only for delimited records.
Delimiter Value The character that is used to delimit the text if the value of the Delimiter Type property is Character. This property is used only for delimited records.
Escape Type Can be Character (tells the parser to suspend the delimiter designation if this character is found in the document; the character is specified in the Escape Value property), or Inherit Escape (for inheriting the previous record's escape type).
Escape Value If the value of the Escape Type property is Character, this property specifies the escape character.
Append New Line If set to Yes, indicates that when the record delimiter is found, begin the next record on a new line. If set to No, all records are on the same line.
Skip Carriage Return If set to Yes, the parser will skip the carriage return (CR) value after a delimiter.
Skip Line Feed If set to Yes, the parser will skip the line feed (LF) value after a delimiter.
Ignore Record Count If set to Yes, tells the parser not to count any CR or LF values when counting characters.