Related Topics

This tutorial completes our outline of the online winestore. We present here the completed searching and browsing module, and two related topics in web database applications.

The searching and browsing module is briefly outlined in this tutorial. A more comprehensive description is presented in tutorial 5. As in the previous three tutorials, we suggest that the best method of understand the module is to load it into an editor and use and view the application locally while reading the tutorial. We also reemphasize that the code presented here isn't a production system and requires modifications to be used in a production environment.

The scripts we outline in this tutorial cover the following topics:

Cleaning up shopping carts
Automated queries that empty unused carts.
How to separate HTML structure from the code functionality. We illustrate the benefits by showing how the shipping.2 order confirmation script can be rewritten to use a template.
Searching and browsing
We list the completed wine searching and browsing script that is based on the browse( ) and selectDistinct( ) functions discussed in tutorial 5.