Middle Tier Resources

This section lists resources that contain more information on the Apache web server, web performance tuning, networking, PHP programming, and third-party PHP add-ons including Integrated Development Environments (IDEs), script optimization tools, and commercially supported installation packages.

Web Server and Web Technology Resources

More information on the Apache web server can be found in the following resources:

  • The local documentation installed with the Apache web server. After following the Apache installation instructions in Appendix A, the Apache manual is accessible as http://localhost/manual/.

  • The Apache HTTP Server web site:

Networking and Web Resources

  • The W3C web site: This URL provides a good starting point that includes pages containing many links, time lines, growth statistics, and other useful resources.

  • The HTTP/1.0 specification is contained in RFC-1945 and is found on the IETF web site at

  • The HTTP/1.1 specification is contained in RFC-2616 and is found on the IETF web site at

  • The Uniform Resource Identifiers (URI): Generic Syntax specification is contained in RFC-2396 and is found on the IETF web site at

  • RFC-1180: TCP/IP Tutorial, T. Socolofsky and C. Kale. This RFC provides a tutorial on how data is passed through a TCP/IP network and can be found at:

Web resources

The best place to start is to check the list of links at the official PHP site,

Here are some resources we frequently use:

The annotated online PHP manual at the official PHP site. Includes many comments for each library and function and tips on use and common problems encountered.

Site of the commercial company held by long-term developers of PHP. Includes articles, resources, free code, and tutorials.