Adobe Flash

Creating a banner in Flash : Part 1

Flash Basic 8 or Flash Professional 8 can seem like a very complex programs to learn. One reason for this seeming complexity is that you can use it for so many different things, such as cartoon animations, media players, and sophisticated software.

This tutorial is suitable for you if you're opening Flash 8 for the first time. This tutorial shows you some of the fundamental aspects of the program, and how to get started using them to build a real project. You don't need to know anything about Flash or animation to complete this tutorial; in fact, you'll discover how easy it is to start using Flash 8 to add elements to your web pages.

As you examine the finished version of an application that you'll create, you'll also look at the Flash workspace. In this section, you will complete the following tasks:

  • Open the authoring document
  • Review the completed FLA file
  • Close the completed FLA file

In subsequent sections you'll go through the steps to create the application yourself starting with a brand new FLA file.