Adobe Flash

Transform the shape of your drawing

Using the Free Transform tool, you can scale, rotate, compress, stretch, or skew lines and shapes. You'll use the Free Transform tool to compress your drawing.

In the Tools panel, select the Free Transform tool. Double-click the hexagon on the Stage to select both the stroke and the fill.

Drag the upper-middle handle of the Free Transform tool down to transform the hexagon into the following shape:

Copy strokes

You can select and copy strokes, which you'll do now to create the lower edge of the bolt.

With the Selection tool, click anywhere on the Stage or workspace, away from an object, to deselect the shape.

Shift-click the three lines of the shape on the Stage that comprise the bottom of the hexagon to select them, as shown in the following illustration:

Press Shift+Alt and drag down slightly to drag a copy of the three lines, as in the following illustration: