Adobe Flash

Pass data out of a SWF file

You can send data from a Flash application in various ways-for example, in this lesson you send data to a web server to load a web page in the browser. After the else statement, you'll add the ActionScript to have Flash go to the URL the viewer enters in the input text field.

In the Script pane, place the insertion point in front of the line that reads gotoAndStop("confirm").

In the Actions toolbox, select Global Functions > Browser/Network and double-click getURL.

With the insertion point between the getURL() parentheses, type "http://"+url_txt.text to specify the data that should pass from the SWF file.

(Do not leave spaces in the code.) Your script should look like the following:


this.submit_btn.onRelease = function(){

  if (url_txt.text == null || url_txt.text ==""){


} else {

    getUrl ("http://"+url_txt.text);