Adobe Flash

Write a function for the Try Again button

A function is a script that you can use repeatedly to perform a specific task. You can pass parameters to a function, and it can return a value. In this example, when the user clicks the Try Again button, a function runs that returns the playhead to Frame 1.

You'll write that function now. In this script, you'll type the frame number, because you did not label Frame 1.

  1. In the Timeline, select Frame 5 of the Actions layer.

  2. In the Script pane, type the following comment:

    // button function returns user to Frame 1.

    Press Enter (Windows) or Return (Macintosh).

  3. Type tryAgain_btn.onRelease = function(){, and then press Enter or Return.

  4. Type gotoAndStop(1);, and then press Enter or Return and type } to complete the script.

Test your SWF file

You'll test your document by entering a URL and checking whether it works as expected.

  1. Select Control > Test Movie.

  2. When the SWF file appears, click Submit before typing anything in the input text field.

    The error message appears.

  3. Click Try Again, and then type the URL of a valid website in the input text field.

    Click Submit.

    Your default browser opens the web page.


Congratulations on learning how to write a script with conditional logic and send data. In a few minutes, you learned how to complete the following tasks:

  • Add an input text field to a document.

  • Create a button symbol.

  • Add a stop() action.

  • Write a script that validates the form with conditional logic.

  • Pass data out of a SWF file.

  • Write a function.

To learn more about Flash, take another lesson.