Adobe Flash

Create a Form with Conditional Logic and Send Data in Flash

You can create a form with conditional logic that allows the SWF file to respond to user interaction and send the form data from the SWF file to an external source. This tutorial shows you how to create a simple form.

Before taking this lesson, you should be familiar with writing functions and variables; to learn about these, select Help > Flash Tutorials > Basic Tasks: Create an Application.

First, you'll open the start file for the lesson and set up your workspace to use an optimal layout for taking lessons.

  1. To open your start file, in Flash select File > Open and navigate to the file:
    • In Windows, browse to boot drive \Program Files\ Macromedia\ Flash 8\Samples and Tutorials\Tutorial Assets\ActionScript\ Create a Form and double-click simpleForm_start.fla.

    • On the Macintosh, browse to Macintosh HD /Applications/ Macromedia Flash 8/Samples and Tutorials/Tutorial Assets/ ActionScript/Create a Form and double-click simpleForm_start.fla.

    The Create a Form folder contains completed versions of the tutorial FLA files for your reference.

  2. Select File > Save As and save the document with a new name, in the same folder, to preserve the original start file.
  3. Select Window > Workspace Layout > Default to set up your workspace for taking lessons.
  4. If necessary, drag the lower edge of the timeline (Window > Timeline) down to enlarge the timeline view.