Adobe Flash

View screen properties

You can view different properties for a slide, depending on where you select the slide.

  1. In the Screen Outline pane, select the presentation thumbnail.

    The Property inspector allows you to change the instance name, which is also the name of the screen as it appears in the Screen Outline pane.

  2. Select the actual presentation slide, not the thumbnail.

    The Property inspector now displays the same controls you're probably used to when working with the Stage and document properties.

Test your presentation

Your presentation is now complete and ready to test.

  • Select Control > Test Movie.

  • Use the Forward and Backward navigation buttons to move through the presentation and view the transitions.

  • Summary

    Congratulations on learning how to create a slide presentation with screens. In a few minutes, you learned how to accomplish the following tasks:

    • Add content to a presentation slide.

    • Add screen navigation to buttons.

    • Add and name a slide.

    • Select and move slides.

    • Add content to a new slide.

    • Add transition behaviors to a slide.

    To learn more about using screens, see "Working with Screens (Flash Professional Only)" in Flash Help.