Adobe Flash

Test the application

At any point during authoring, you can test how your application plays as a SWF file. Now that you've added scripts to the application with Script Assist mode, you can test the interactivity you've just added to it.

  1. Select File > Save to save your FLA file.

  2. Select Control > Test Movie.

  3. Click any of the buttons (About, Products, Contact, and Home) to test that those frames are loading and that the corresponding title is displayed in the Title movie clip.

  4. When you finish testing the application, close the SWF file by closing the test window.

You have now successfully added scripts to a button and both the main and Title movie clip timelines. You can use Script Assist mode in many ways as you work with ActionScript in your Flash documents.


Congratulations on using Script Assist mode to add scripts to objects and to the timeline. In just a few minutes, you learned how to accomplish the following tasks using Script Assist mode:

  • Display Script Assist mode in the Actions panel and insert predefined ActionScript functions.

  • Add a script to a button.

  • Add frame scripts to the main timeline.

  • Add a frame script to the last frame of a movie clip.

To learn more about ActionScript, take another lesson in the Basic ActionScript series.