MS Word

Enter Any Amount of Text Quickl-y in a Document

The Problem:

I'm sick of typing the same thing over and over. Can't Word do it for me?

The Solution:

You bet: in any number of ways, depending on what you're trying to achieve:

Enter a short text item automatically
Create an AutoCorrect entry for the text. Alternatively, create an AutoText entry .
Enter a large amount of text in a document
Create a template for the document type . Put all the standard text in the template, and it will appear in each new document you create based on that template.
Reuse a section of text once from another document
Copy the text from the source document and paste it into the destination document.
Reuse the entire contents of a document
In Word 2003, choose File » New and click "From existing document" in the New Document task pane; in Word XP, choose File » New and click "Choose document" in the New Document task pane. In the New from Existing Document dialog box, select the document and click the Create New button. In Word 2000, open the existing document, choose File » Save As, and save it under a different name. You can also use the Insert » File command to insert an existing document in the current documen-t.
Reuse the entire contents of several documents
Create a new document, and then use the Insert » File command to insert each of the existing documents in turn.

Enter Sample Text

You can create sample text quickly by doing some typing and then using Copy and Paste, but Word also offers an automated way: type =rand(x,y), where x and y are numbers, and press Enter. Word creates y number of paragraphs containing x number of sentences each, describing what the canonical quick brown fox did to the lazy dog. For example, =rand(10,5) creates 10 paragraphs, each of which contains 5 sentences.