MS Word

Select Indented Text Accurately

The Problem:

I often have problems when selecting text in a List style (e.g., a paragraph in a bulleted or numbered list). If I want to select the last element in the list so I can move it elsewhere in the document, Word not only selects the line I want, but also the first few characters of the line below the list (to the level at which the list is indented). I have to move the mouse back a few characters to deselect them, or, when using the keyboard like I usually do, use the left arrow to go back a few characters. And if I go back one too many characters, even though the complete list line is selected, Word leaves an empty line in the List style, so I have to undo the cut and try again or take an extra step to delete the blank line Word left behind.

The Solution:

The "Use smart paragraph selection" feature (on the Edit tab of the Options dialog box) might actually help you with this one. The problem you're having with a blank line in the List style being left behind is because you've accidentally deselected the paragraph marker at the end of the list item you cut. Experiment with it and see.

To avoid extra characters being selected, try some of these selection techniques:

Extend Selection mode is a feature for extending the selection without pressing Shift or dragging with the mouse. To turn Extend Selection mode on, double-click the EXT indicator on the status bar or press F8. Click at the point where you want to extend the selection, or use the arrow keys to extend the selection. Press Esc or double-click the EXT indicator again to turn off Extend Selection mode.
While Extend Selection mode is on, you can press F8 a second time to select the current word, a third time to select the current paragraph, and a fourth time to select the whole document. Selecting a word or paragraph tends to be the most useful function of Extend Selection mode. To select a whole document more quickly than by using Extend Selection mode, press Ctrl+A or Ctrl-click in the left margin. To select a whole paragraph, double-click in the left margin next to the paragraph.
Drag in the left margin (where the mouse pointer changes to an arrow pointing north-northeast) rather than dragging through the text itself.
Keyboard and mouse
Click to place the insertion point at the beginning of the text you want to select, scroll to the desired end point, hold down Shift, and click to select from the insertion point to where you click.