MS Word

Text Entry and Editing

Almost every document needs some text and Word offers many features for helping you create it quickly and accurately without wearing out your fingertips. This tutorial explores how to eliminate annoyances you may encounter when entering and editing text.

Does Word irritate you by displaying your document in the wrong view, or automatically selecting more text than you want it to? This tutorial will show you how to use Word's views effectively and how to hone Word's automatic-selection and smart-cut-and-paste features so they select what you want, not what Microsoft's focus group thinks you want. With the decks cleared, you'll be ready to turn AutoCorrect and its sister feature AutoFormat As You Type from hyperactive menaces into your potent but dutiful servants, use Find and Replace to effortlessly remove most of the annoyances your colleagues build into their documents, and choose among eight different means of navigating through your documents.

But that's not all. This tutorial also covers a bumper pack of assorted editing annoyances, as well as a few tips for mastering fields. For example, you'll learn how to stop Word from searching the Web for help, how to get rid of that pesky Office Assistant for good, and how to enter the same text easily in multiple parts of a document and keep it updated automatically.